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Mobile pulse air heater

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Pilot operation of an indirect pulse combustion oil heater of 0.8 MW capacity is carried out.


Pilot operation of a pilot boiler plant based on pulse combustion boiler of 200 kW thermal rating is carried on.

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Indirect mobile pulse air heater is an innovative development of AeroMach in the sphere of the mobile thermal equipment.

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mobile air heater mobile heat generator stationary heat generator
Indirect mobile pulse air heater with rated capacity of 50 to 200 kW

››› idea

An ambitious task was assigned to our engineers – to create the item combining the high heat power of the stationary heat generators, mobile capacities of the air heaters and exceeding their performance (high efficiency and low energy consumption), provided high technology product (low cost). Now we dare to say that we cope with the task.

››› design

pulse_air_heater_pic.01 High thermal stress of the designed combustion resonance chamber is an outstanding privilege over its dimensions and weight of heat generator what gives it very high mobility. 

Bright and interesting design confers very attractive appearance. Ergonomics is very carefully thought and provides protection of the device from the operation damages.


››› reliability

The design has very high reliability and service life features due to use of simple design solutions and high strength factor.

››› ecological compatibility / performance

The reached combustion resonance physics provides very high combustion efficiency and very low emission of nitrogen oxides that satisfies very strict modern environmental standards.

››› safety

Combustion resonance heat generator has high level of passive safety. Flame-out is impossible and, along with automatic control system, it provides high fire safety.

››› model range

Air heater production range includes 50, 100, 150 and 200 kW. This will completely satisfy the market demand for heating equipment..

››› intended use

Heater provides air heating for rooms or local heating for some equipment. Air stream having high temperature (120-200 ºС) is created at outlet of the heat generator that can be used in various technological processes. Heat generator can be installed either in horizontal or in vertical position.

››› special function

The heat generator is equipped with the thermo-acoustic low-power electric generator providing for the full independence of the heat generator under extreme operating conditions at the unequipped sites provided there are no centralized power sources.

››› competitive advantages

  • full autonomous operation (option);
  • easy to operate and maintain (it has no moving or rotating parts);
  • high mobility pursuant to its dimensions and design (it simplifies its transportation for the muscle force);
  • eco-friendly (reduced toxicity of the combustion products);
  • high pressure of combustion products and high propulsive ability allow to pump hot gas along the hoses to the great distances;
  • high heat-release rate of combustion process and as a result high specific heat power;
  • ability to use various fuel types: natural, associated, power, bio- and synthesis gas as well as petrol, kerosene, diesel fuel;
  • high fire safety.

››› technical performance

Model PJ 100 «Kaynar»
Heat power, kW 100
Air volume, m3/h 4000
Efficiency, % 96
Temperature of smokes, °С not more than 70
Velocity hot air flow, m/s  20
Pressure in combustion chamber, bar  up to 0,6
Fuel type kerosene - diesel - propan/butan
Consumption liquid fuel, kg/h  8,4
Consumption gas fuel , kg/h  8,2
Gas fuel pressure, kPa  2,5-10
Power supply, V  220
Power consumption, kW  0,5
Management system electronic
Starting system automatic
Equivalent noise level at 1 m, dBA  78
Volume of heated space, м32 2300-2700 (820-960)
Dimensions (LxWxH), cm 103x32x40
Weight, kg 50
Service life, year 5

 ››› image's


front view
back view


We’ll completely change your ideas on the heater. It’s high time to forget about operating instructions.

Mobile pulse air heater