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Natural/LPG/oil-assosiated gas water heating unit

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Pilot operation of an indirect pulse combustion oil heater of 0.8 MW capacity is carried out.


Pilot operation of a pilot boiler plant based on pulse combustion boiler of 200 kW thermal rating is carried on.

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Transportable (mobile) gas water heating unit (boiler plant) based on the Pulse combustion boiler having the capacity of 30 to 200 kW, functioning without smoke exhauster and exhaust stack using low and high pressure natural and oil-associated gases.

Transportable gas water heating unit. Appearance

Outdoor boiler is an advanced boiler equipment if compared to its analogues, having better material consumption capacities, low power consumption, high efficiency. It is installed outdoor in the climatic conditions from -50 to +50°C, neither atmospheric precipitations, nor wind influence its working efficiency.

The outdoor transportable heating unit includes heating unit with the technological equipment, pulse combustion boiler and gas distribution plant – all the equipment is frame mounted. Transportable heating unit is equipped with the automatic control system.

Moreover, transportable heating unit may be mounted on the vehicle chassis and may be used as a heat supply source for the rotational villages, construction sites, geological exploration and investigation groups frequently changing their position.

Using pulse combustion boiler as a part of transportable heating unit provides a real possibility to reduce the heating energy costs.

››› Competitive advantages of transportable heating unit:

  1. Outdoor position of pulse combustion boiler, possibility to use at the temperature range from -50 to +50°C, extreme mass-dimensional features allow to reject the construction of special premise, to reduce the foundation dimensions considerably, to reduce costs for its backfilling, arrangement, fencing.
  2. The transportable heating unit technological equipment (automatic equipment, etc.) is placed in the heating unit, and as a result no industrial safety expert review is required.
  3. The boiler operation needs no installation of the high chimney with tie-rods on the separate foundation, excluding the costs for its production and installation. High speed of leaving gas permits to install the low-voltage exhaust pipes up to 2.7 m directly at the heating unit.
  4. The unit dimensions and weight allow to transport it using one vehicle without any special permit, no additional travels are required to transport the chimney.

››› At the operating stage:

  1. Absence of the gas-hazardous premise permits to reject the installation of a number of safety devices, namely, gas accumulation alerting device for CO and CH4, thermal shutdown valve and general safety gas check valve as well as there are no costs for their annual metrological calibration.
  2. There is no need to verify the good condition of the smoke exhaust system and air change rate in transportable heating unit premise before the beginning of the heating season.
  3. Absence of the chimney excludes the costs for its regular examination and maintenance.
  4. Low power consumption due to the absence of the permanent functioning fan (not more than 100 W).
  5. Very easy maintenance, detection and troubleshooting occurred during operation.

››› Additional advantages:

  1. Low level of hazardous emissions permits to reduce the distance from the boiler plant to the heat supply facilities, to reduce the heat loss in the heating systems, to reduce the construction costs of the new heating systems.
  2. Economic benefit is provided by high efficiency (96-98%) of the boiler plant and the possibility to operate in the condensation mode.

››› Technical performance

Rated heat output, kW 60-200
Power control mode modulated
Mode of operation condensation
Boiler efficiency, % at least 98
Flue gas temperature, °С not more than 80
Approximate scope of heated area, m3 (area, m2) 3750 (1500)
Fuel type:
- primary
- auxiliary

oil-associated gas
natural gas
 Nominal gas consumption, nm3/h 1-7
 Connecting gas pressure, kPa 1,0÷50
 Water operating pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2), not more: 0,6 (6,0)
 Network voltage, V 220
 Consumed power, W 100
 Maximal noise level at the distance of 1 m, dBA 78
 Emissions of harmful substances when calculating into the scope of the dry exhaust gases at the normal conditions:
- carbon monoxide, mg/m3
- nitrogen oxides (calculated as NO2), mg/m3
 Boiler overall dimensions, mm (length x width x height)  2500x1800x2400
 Boiler weight, kg  1600
 Service life, years  15


The use of the transportable boiler plant based on the pulse combustion boiler results the increased power efficiency and a step to real savings.
A penny saved is a penny earned!

Natural/LPG/oil-assosiated gas water heating unit